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Consider a new loan? Uniqueness on the market is a non-bank mortgage from CCB Finance known as CCB Lender Loan. You are able to apply from CZK ten, 000 to CZK sixty, 000 with maturity as high as 24 months.

The pages are arranged. On the front web page, you can immediately see the precise calculation. The advantage is that you may postpone the repayment phrase, change your monthly payment or request more money.

So what do I have to meet to get a mortgage?

get a loan

  • Czech resident
  • bank account within your name
  • age group 18+
  • steady income
  • legitimate identity card

How to Apply for a Mortgage: Procedure – CCB Loan provider Loan

How to Apply for a Loan: Procedure - ABC Lender Loan

The whole method is very simple. On the home page, select how much you want to borrow as well as for how long. All fees plus credit rate can be seen within the calculator. The advantage is that you select how much installment you want. You could then create a profile to access the consumer section.

Then, fill in all of that other information, upload the necessary files, submit a vertical transaction ($ 0. 01 in order to verify that it is your financial institution account), and send this. Now just wait for the particular notification.

Benefits of the loan

Advantages of the loan

  • verified provider
  • possibility of early repayment
  • client zone where one can manage your loan
  • Reminder payments are usually sent to you every month
  • possibility to ask for a rise in the loan during the payback

Negatives CCB Lender Loans

  • The mortgage is quite expensive
  • only for Czech citizens
  • the register associated with debtors is checked


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